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New Breitling Chronomat Collection Watches 2020

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

New Breitling Chronomat Collection Watches 2020,

With the new Chronomat collection, Breitling continues to rely on the house caliber and thus on a higher price segment. Despite the modern case design, the elements of the first chronometer from the '80s are increasingly emphasized. The new models of 2020 are based on elegance from the traditional Swiss brand.

The sports watch appealed to the luxury shopping target group and also attracted young men who were attracted to the elegant and striking design. Now Breitling is introducing the Chronomat again - as a collector's item with one of the most distinctive dials ever made for a watch. Breitling is now launching a revised and modernly interpreted model. Like the original from the 1980s, the reinterpretation of the Breitling Chronomat with its unconventional design makes a bold statement of style.

Breitling Chronomat Collection Watches 2020
Breitling Chronomat Collection Watches 2020

The Chronometers Are Available In Different Colors

The original model, which was then made up of the words chronograph and automatic, was designed for the Italian flight squadron. The bezel with riders in 60s graduation was particularly typical of the Chronomat, which was only indicated by elevations in current models. In the new collection, these are again more distinctive and even interchangeable, so that you can have a bezel with an incremental of 60s division. Whether bezel, crown protection, or chronograph pusher, the entire cast of the new models looks larger, bulkier, and more modern. Overall, it appears that the previous models in the new collection are merging. Together they have the certified automatic B01 in house caliber with ratchet wheel control and the case diameter.

The Chronomat Returns

The new Breitling Chronomat men's watches are universal sports watches that cut a good figure on special occasions. Their characteristics are reminiscent of the classic namesake from the 1980s and make them unmistakable. The striking Rouleaux bracelet with double folding clasp perfectly expresses the modern retro style of Breitling, as does the characteristic rotating bezel with riders. The new Chronomat celebrates a significant time in Breitling's history and at the same time draws a clear vision for the future.

This meant the return of the mechanical chronograph on which the brand had built its worldwide reputation to the outstanding position it deserved. This technical heritage, combined with particularly stylish design elements, made the Chronomat the ultimate sporty watch of its time, an expression of aesthetics and self-confidence that made the chronograph cool again.

The luxury lifestyle continues excitingly: The Chronomat collection, which is very popular among fans, is growing. The Breitling typical band is also returning, which will delight much long time Breitling fans. In addition to the standard versions in steel, rose gold, and bicolor, the Chronomat also appears in a Bentley version with a green dial and in a limited Frecce Tricolori version. All versions come with Breitling's B01 manufacture movement.

Luxury Watches For Men 

The new Chronomat, which was redesigned in 2020 with some modernized accents from the original, uses the characteristic design elements and the spirit of the watch. Breitling had used the Chronomat name for some of his watches from the 1940s. The Chronomat from the '80s expressed something different: chronograph and automatic - a name that drew attention to the mechanical automatic winding mechanism that powers the watch.

In general, Georges Kern wants to use Breitling's historical wealth of luxury watches as a source for new creations. The collection is impressive and very inspiring because it shows how broad the brand was in the past. This rich history offers huge potential. Everything that cannot be clearly sorted here should go into the Chronomat line, on which great hopes appear. From elegant to sporty - Breitling wants to be a full range retailer. Simpler digital watches and quartz chronographs from the previous model lines will disappear from the range. The majority relies on mechanics. These include the in house chronographs based on the B01 caliber as well as purchased automatic and chronograph calibers.

The New Collection Is Structured More Clearly

The hands of every Chronomat B01 are coated with a luminous material that improves readability in all lighting conditions. Almost all watches have a red chronograph second hand, which also contributes to improved readability. Like all Breitling watches, the Chronomat models are certified chronometers. This independent verification is a guarantee of its accuracy. All models are waterproof up to 20 bar. The new models in the Chronomat collection are available with a number of different metal and dial options;

Each of the new Breitling Chronomat models has features that are unique to this collection. The characteristic rotating bezel, highlighted by tabs that not only protect the glass but also make handling the bezel easier. The true to the original tabs at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock, which are interchangeable so that the wearer can use them either in a count up or in a countdown function.

New Breitling Chronomat Collection Watches 2020;

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New Breitling Chronomat Collection Watches 2020
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