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IWC International Watch Co. AG, doing business as IWC Schaffhausen, is a luxury Swiss watch manufacturer located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. It was founded by American watchmaker Florentine Ariosto Jones in 1868. IWC is a subsidiary of Switzerland-based Richemont Group.

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IWC collection is a prime example of Darwin's theory of evolution: successful species never stop developing.  The most conspicuous change in this latest generation is an innovative external/internal rotating cloth.  It combines the advantages of the internal rotating bezel. The IWC presents the new Aquatimer collection against the magnificent backdrop of the Galapagos islands.  It is here that Charles Darwin discovered the theory of evolution, Jacques Cousteau became the first man to film the marine iguana and the scientists to the Charles Darwin Foundation.  50 years to preserve the sensitive ecosystem.  And it is to them, the committed natural scientists and researchers, that IWC Schaff hausen dedicates three exclusive special editions: part of the proceeds from sales.  With a perpetual calendar, mechanical depth gauge and you- the IWC a digital pressure-resistance to 200 bar, the watch family has also developed the highest stages of development in Horlogerie finance their project work.  fractured movements.  For the first time ever, IWC has chosen to produce a case in alluring bronze.  And with the bracelet, we have witnessed the creation of a new species: the patent- So, it is now to take the plunge into the fascinating world of the IWC brand.  We wish you many hours of exciting reading ed IWC bracelet quick-change system facilitates the change between rubber strap and stainless steel bracelet and holds with our Annual Edition.  case more securely than ever.  The new diver's watches from the IWC are the perfect companions for the exacting expeditions the developed by the modern explorers, both above and below the surface.



Roaring masses of water plunge over the rocky cliffs that make up the world-famous Rhine Falls.  A few kilometers upstream, in Schaffhausen, the Rhine glides at a leisurely pace past the workshop windows of IWC.  Here, over 140 years ago, a company began a story that is still being written today.  American engineer and watchmaker Florentine Ariosto Jones learned the watchmaker's trade from scratch.  While still a young man, he was appointed deputy director and production man of the E. Howard Watch & Clock Company in Boston, which was then a leading American watchmaker.  At that time, the American market appeared to have a virtually insatiable hunger for quality.  What it lacked was skilled, local labor and this led to rising wages.  By contrast, the conditions prevailing in Switzerland were almost perfect: low wages, a plenum supply of skilled craftsmen and an enormous production.  At the tender age of 27, Jones crossed the Atlantic Ocean, planning to combine the excellence of Switzerland's craftsmen with modern engineering.  The locals in Geneva and the remote valleys of the Jura in French-speaking Switzerland, however, reacted skeptically to his proposal.  Since the 17th century, they had been working from their homes or in tiny workshops, Jones, on the other hand, was dreaming of a modern factory with centralized production  The country could reflect on a long watchmaking tradition.  The Rheinau monastery, 10 kilometers further down the Rhine.  It's been produced for the Church of St.  John In Schaffhausen.  There are also official records of clockmakers from the town of 1583, and it is home to the famed Habrecht family of clockmakers, who built one of the most outstanding astronomical clocks in Strasbourg.  of Schaffhausen, Jones has found all he needed to turn his plans into reality, including a hydro station powered by the Rhine.  The energy it was harnessed was transmitted directly, via shafts and long cables, to the newly built factory and supplied the power needed to drive the machines.  The railway line had been completed in 1857, so it was no wonder that the town of Schalthnusen was enjoying the economic boom.  FA Jones founded his watch company The International Watch Co.  (IWC)

The development and continuous improvement of movements, functional displays and cases have been part of IWC's philosophy since 1868. IWC-manufactured movements and complications such as the perpetual calendar, constant-force tourbillon and minute repeater are not only his- topically significant achievements in the art of watchmaking but also the fruit of the company's in-house design and development efforts. In order to meet its demanding, self-imposed quality standards, IWC has its own fully equipped, dedicated laboratory.



 Jones caliber named after the eloq watch (Ref founder of IWC. Its many outstanding features included a com-bre n pensating balance, a Breguet spring and an elongated index to facilitate precision adjustment of the watch's rate. Towards the end of the 19th century,  IWC used its 64-caliber ladies' pocket system result mark watch movement in its first wristwatches. The first movements designed especially for wristwatches - the 75 and 76 calibers- followed in 1915. In 1939, the men's pocket watch 74 calibers were used in the  first Portuguese wristwatches, which explains 6 yea return large win 1940 onwards, another pocket watch movement determined ily, w Pilot's wristwatch dimensions of the most voluminous wristwatch  The 52 TSC, which gives the Big Pilot's Watch its characteristic deck watch qualities in 1946, the 89 caliber, the first design to come from IWC's Technical Director of the time Albert Pellato  n, made a deep impression with its exceptionally precise rate.  Pilot's Watch Mark 11 from 1948 onwards.  Pellaton's masterpiece IWC's first automatic movement featuring the winding system that still bears his name-appeared in 1950, it has been the latest collection.  The Da Vinci Reference 350 was launched in 1985, whose perpetual calender was mechanically programmed for the next 500 years to achieve this, the calendar module developed by Kurt Klaus.

In the early 1990s, the engineers from Schaffhausen provided eloquent proof that they had mastered the full range of fine watchmaking skills to perfection.  The first Grande Complication (Reference 3770 wristwatch featuring the automatic 79091-caliber bre movement was unveiled in 1990. This masterpiece, consisting of 659 mechanical parts, was further improved and exhaustive in the II Destriero Scafusia (Reference 1868), which marked the company's 125th anniversary. In 2000, following 6 years development, the in-house 5000 calibers heralded IWC's from the com ex to the ticket nets res caliber lines return as a manufacturer of top-quality watch movements.  With its 7-day movement and automatic Pellaton winding system, was the foundation for the 50000-caliber fam- From nine ily, which is used today to power the Portuguese and Pilot's Watch families. In 2005, the Ingenieur Automatic, fitted has chits with the 80110 calibers, marked the entrance of the new and the time,  unusually rugged 80000-caliber family. Parallel to this, IWC Schaffhausen was working on its in-house 89360 caliber, which was f  The Da Vinci Chronograph in 2007. From 2009 onwards, a further developed version, the 89900 caliber, was the first digital display of the day.  The 59000-caliber family, which is found in the Portofino Hand-Wound Eight Days, appeared in 2011. That same year, the new 94000-caliber family, with manual winding and a constant-force tourbillon, marked another highlight in the fine art of watchmaking.  The IWG-manufactured 94900 caliber requires the power of two separate barrels to drive a timepiece that is currently one of the world's most experienced nature.  Klaus ent.  In plex, the Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia.

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